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Indians celebrate many festivals all around the year. These festivities add shades of happiness to our monotonous lives. We have time to come together and celebrate with our near & dear ones. This strengthens the bond between us and our friends or family. Of the varied festivals, Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that people celebrate for ten days and brings them together. The preparations for the festival start early from shopping to make delicacies. Unlike the olden times, people now opt to buy an eco friendly Ganesh online. It is that time of the year when people flock to the roads and celebrate with a zest. 

Ganesh Chaturthi is a beautiful journey of Lord Ganesha, who comes down from the Himalayas for 10 days. It is amongst the most popular festivals celebrated with fervour. The rituals of the festival are pious and ignite the spirituality within one. Unfortunately, the rituals we perform harm nature in ways that require much more time to heal. However, there are ways to celebrate the festival in an eco friendly manner and reduce the impact of the rituals on nature. To enjoy the celebration of this festival in full swing without harming nature, let us shed some light on the ideas that are eco friendly. 

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Understanding the Concept of Eco Ganesha 

While we made the traditional Ganesha idols of Plaster of Paris, the eco friendly Ganesha idols are in much use nowadays. Plaster of Paris is a non-biodegradable aerial that harms the environment. Not just this. The paint used to colour the idols are lead-based to give a glossy finish. When we immerse these idols, the water bodies get polluted. Contrary to this, eco-Ganesha comprises raw earth with no addition of chemicals. This is the prime reason people buy eco friendly Ganesh online. As eco Ganesha idols are of plain clay, they get dissolved in water bodies without causing harm. 

Not just this. People make Ganesha idols from various other degradable materials. They are jute sacks, husk, straw, and biodegradable raw materials. People paint them with organic colours that do not release toxic chemicals. The government of many states has been issuing certain guidelines for the past few years at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi and encouraging people to buy eco friendly Ganesh online. They have advised people to promote the use of eco friendly idols of the elephant god. 

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Why opt for Eco Ganesha? 

The most important reason people opt for eco friendly Ganesh online is that they are small. Plaster of Paris is of prime importance for the making of the larger idols. As the idols made of clay break easily, the Plaster of Paris is a common choice of most people to strengthen the idol. However, for the eco friendly idols, they use clay that starts around 4 months prior to the festival. The clay used requires time to dry and harden. The better part is that they don’t take time to dissolve and settle down soon in the water bodies.

Most individuals who bought eco friendly Ganesh online are happy customers and promote the use of such idols within the community. The eco friendly idols are usually of a smaller size. Such idols wear dull colors, as they paint the idols with organic colors. One can easily identify these idols with the dull appearance that they have. Although the eco friendly Ganesha idols are not fancy, they do not affect nature badly. They wear a simple but earthy look that is far more eye-soothing than the ones with a glossy finish. 

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Where are eco friendly Ganesh idols available? 

The Eco Ganesha is available online. One can research and find the sites that sell eco friendly Ganesh online. They are now available even on the online Ganesh Idol vendors who sell idols made of Plaster of Paris. Some eco friendly idols are that of our clay without the use of colours. Some people who are very much concerned about nature usually pick the uncoloured clay idols. One can also buy these uncoloured idols from the online Ganesh Idol vendors or online and colour them at home. This gives your family the chance to come together and paint your own Ganesha. 

Going by the traditions and beliefs of some people, Goddess Parvati prepared a clay doll. She gave life to this doll and named it Ganesha. The people of this belief opt for a clay Ganesha that is uncoloured. They worship and seek the blessings of this idol for the ten days of Ganesh Chaturthi. As these biodegradable Ganesh idols are easily available, most people have saved the environment. They do not just buy an eco friendly Ganesh online but ensure that they celebrate the festival too, in an eco friendly manner. They decorate the area surrounding the idol with materials that are eco friendly and do not harm the environment. 

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As nature suffers the most with non-biodegradable Ganesh idols, people now use eco friendly idols. This helps them celebrate the festival in an eco friendly manner. 

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