7 Amazing eco friendly Ganesha Idols at Eco Ganesha

7 Amazing eco friendly Ganesha Idols at Eco Ganesha Leave a comment

Every year, the water bodies surrounding the various cities pay for the city’s religious fervor during Ganesh Chaturthi. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi brings families together to celebrate the rituals of the festival. It is a festival of joy where everyone worships the elephant god. The excitement starts to double as soon as the festival nears. People start shopping and decorating their homes along with the preparation of sweets. However, something that we don’t pay attention to, is the impact on nature. People immerse thousands of idols at the end of the festival that causes damage to water bodies and organisms living in it. 

Hazardous materials used to make these Ganesha idols extremely damaged marine lives. They are made of Plaster of Paris and painted with lead-containing paints. Not just these, the plastic, and metals ornaments too, result in the pollution of these water bodies. If you do not want to be a part of that crowd that damages the ecosystem, try buying eco friendly Ganesha idols this time. Those looking for choices can choose from amongst the various types of eco friendly Ganeshas. Even the government is encouraging the use of such idols to safeguard the environment. 

Shadu Clay

Clay Idols will easily dissolve in water as they are made of mud, which is good and won’t cause water sullying. Icons made of mud won’t use any hues and shades. These shades when separated in water won’t cause.

Paper Ganesha 

Newspapers have always rescued us at the last minute. Newspapers are of utmost benefit for us, especially when it comes to going green. They are degradable and don’t harm the environment in any way. Also, they are the cheapest way of presenting something in a unique manner. The eco friendly Ganesha idols are made from recycled newspapers along with the clay. These idols carry plant seeds inside them. Usually, one immerses the Ganesh idols at the end of the festivals. However, you can plant these eco friendly idols in a pot when the festival ends. Water it regularly to see a sapling growing. 

Alum Ganesha 

We are all aware of the fact that the POP idols pollute the water bodies on immersion. Do you really care about nature and the environment where you reside? Does the harm caused to the environment affect you? If yes, then these eco friendly Ganesha idols made of alum are probably the best choice for you. Buy this idol made of water purifying agent alum and nature will thank you for this. While they are made of alum, these idols clear the water pollution easily on immersion. Immersing such idols will give you the satisfaction that you did not harm the environment.

Household Ganesha 

Did you ever think of having a Ganesha without spending a single penny on it? Probably, your answer is NO. It’s not too late for this and you can give it a try. You would have encountered Ganesh idols made of different items like mugs or utensils. You can make your own Ganesha using the household items and surprise everyone with your talent. Definitely, no harm would be caused to the environment too. You can create an idol made of household products. The best part is that you can disintegrate these items and keep them back in their places after the festival. 

Charcoal Ganesha 

Charcoal Ganeshas are first of its kind idols created from charcoal (from coconut shell) and pure clay. These substances have a cleansing effect on water bodies. The activated charcoal and pure clay, on mixing, undergo adsorption. Charcoal adsorbs impurities that are harmless. These eco friendly Ganesha idols absorb different contaminants and the water turns purer than before. The clay and the activated charcoal work together to absorb these contaminants. 

Cow dung Ganesha 

Cow dung has been used by Indians since olden times. The people in the rural areas, especially the farmers, make the best possible use of the cow dung. Idols made of cow dung is the best way to go green. These idols are cent-percent biodegradable and sustainable. Moreover, you can simply plant them in your garden or an open area surrounding your home. You will have your Ganesha by your side always. 

Vermicompost Ganesha 

Have you ever thought about Ganesha made of vermicompost? These eco friendly Ganesha idols use not just vermicompost but clay and vegetables or Tulsi seed too. The idols can be planted which later grow into lush, green plants. The compost promotes the growth of these plants in the clay. That is certainly the most innovative idea. 

To wrap up 

There are many eco friendly Ganesh idols in the market now. Buy these amazing idols to save the environment and celebrate the festival without causing harm. ECO GANESHA – 2021 Ganesh Chaturthi Guide

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