5 Things You Must Know About Ganesh Visarjan

5 Things You Must Know About Ganesh Visarjan Leave a comment

The beautiful 10-day long festival of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates the birth of Elephant-headed God Ganesha and is one of the biggest festivals that the nation celebrates. According to Hindu mythology, the god of auspicious beginnings Ganesha is the younger son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. The devotees believe that Lord Ganesha comes home and brings auspiciousness, happiness, hope, and success. In his brief stay, he removes all obstacles thereby bringing peace and prosperity in the lives of his devotees. The devotees believe that recitation of the 108 names of Lord Ganesha during the festival brings good luck to them. The devotees should bring eco friendly Ganesh murti to their home for celebrating the auspicious festival.

Those who have no or little idea about the visarjan and immersion should know and keep in mind the following 5 points.

  • Why is Visarjan done?

The ritual of Ganesh visarjan symbolises the Lord leaving for Mount Kailash as he completes his 10-day long stay with his devotees. The visarjan symbolises the law of creation and dissolution into the Earth thereby completing the cycle of life. The idols were made up of Earth to signify this but with the advent of POP material for making idols, the flora and fauna have got damaged. The people have realised this and so bring eco friendly idols in their home on Ganesh Chaturthi for the 10- day stay of the Lord. On the last day, the devotees perform the visarjan of the eco friendly Ganesh murti with utmost care and devotion as they believe that Lord Ganesha takes away all concerns and problems of the house with him. People consider the breaking or discarding of the idol as disrespectful and so perform visarjan by immersion so that it breaks down to the clay where it came from.

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  • When is the Visarjan done?

The last day of the festival is the Anant Chaturdashi that falls 10 days after Chaturthi on the 14th day of the lunar fortnight when the devotees immerse the eco friendly Ganesh murti in the water and bid farewell to their lord after performing many Poojas and aartis. 

  • Preparations for the day

The families prepare with a lot of zeal to say Goodbye to Lord Ganesha until the following year. They prepare Modaks and Puran Poli for the Lord. The day of Visarjan starts with morning Aarti in which it is necessary for all members of the family to be present. The family then sings the Jai Ganesh Deva and Sukhkarta Dukhharta Aartis. After this, the devotees offer holy prasad or the bhog to the idol of Lord Ganesha. After this, they serve it as Prasad to all the devotees present. While decorating the house the people use floral decorations near the eco friendly Ganesh murti and use natural colours to draw the Rangoli.

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  • Visarjan Aarti

The process of immersion of the eco friendly Ganesh murti starts by performing the Uttrang Puja which involves the offering of 5 items namely pushp or the flowers, deep or the oil lamps, dhoop, or the incense sticks, gandh (fragrance) and naivedya or the food to Lord Ganapati. After performing the visarjan Aarti and distributing the prasad, one of the family members moves the idol about one inch forward just 5-10 minutes before leaving the house. The family thanks the Lord for bringing peace, prosperity, happiness, and auspiciousness to the house and also asks pardon from him, for any mistakes that they might have made.

  • The immersion of the idol

While taking Lord Ganesha for visarjan, the devotees chant ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya, Pudhchya Varshi Laukariya’ that translates to ‘Goodbye Lord Ganapati, we expect you to return quickly the next year’. One must note that there is no compulsion of performing the immersion of the murti or the idol in a naturally occurring water body as it is symbolic. It is important to understand that one can opt for immersion in artificial tanks that save the numerous water bodies such as lakes and rivers from getting polluted. Also, one can even avoid the bursting of the firecrackers that generate a lot of noise and air pollution and are very disturbing for infants, elderly, and animals. One must understand that the Lord always wishes that the earth and the living beings remain free from pollution and such busting of fireworks and pollution of water bodies deteriorates nature. So, it is important to bring eco friendly Ganesh murti and refrain from any such activities.

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The festival of Lord Ganesha is about coming together with faith and devotion and celebrating. The families while celebrating this festival should cause minimal deterioration to the beautiful Earth that the Lord has made for us. They should bring eco friendly Ganesh Murti to their home and should refrain from any kind of pollution to nature and the environment.

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