10 Reasons Why to Opt for Eco Friendly Ganesha Idol Over POP

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Ganesh Chaturthi is not far away. This means that all around India the devotees of the Ganpati Bappa are busy and excited about buying idols of their favourite lord. These idols are normally made of POP (Plaster of Paris). The problem with the material is that it is not biodegradable. The paints that are used to make them beautiful are poisonous as well. They are harmful to aquatic life, which is where the idols are supposed to be immersed once the festivities get over and done with for the year. This is the reason why so much effort is being made by both individuals and organizations to make sure that the festival is more environment friendly.

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They are coming up with innovative ideas to make Eco Ganesha idols that would pose no threat to the environment. 

What is eco friendly Ganesha?

An eco friendly Ganesha idol is one that is made from materials such as clay, paper, natural fibres, and other such materials that are biodegradable. This means that when you immerse them in the water they dissolve in a shorter period. Unlike the ones made from POP, they are not harmful to the environment as well. 

Why eco friendly Ganesha?

There are many reasons why you should be going for an Eco Ganesha idol. Firstly, by using such environmental friendly products you are saving the world. You need to remember that if you are not mindful right now of the choices that you make, they are only going to come back to haunt you in the future. Therefore, you need to start making them as soon as you can. Using such an idol may be a small step but in the grand scheme of things, it is going to make a lot of difference. 

How to make EcoGanesha?

There are some simple steps that you can follow to make an eco friendly Ganesha idol at home. You have to use clay as the material over here. Start by mixing the clay in the water and make a nice dough from the same. After that, divide this dough into some pieces. In the second step take one of the pieces and flatten it. This should be the base for your idol. You can make the edges smoother by using a ruler. These are the basic steps in this regard. After that, you have got to let your creativity take over.

These days, you have a lot of instructional material on the internet for such purposes. You can get help from those.

How to make Ganesha eco friendly?

The only way to make your Ganesha idol an eco friendly one is to use biodegradable materials to make the same. The best option you have in this regard is clay, which is the traditional material with which these idols are supposed to be made as well. So, when you use clay you are adhering to the traditions and saving the world too! 

Why eco friendly Ganesha is important?

Apart from the environmental impact of using such a product, there are some other benefits to be had. For example, if you can make these idols at your home it would provide you a great chance of being creative – it would be a fantastic recreational opportunity for sure. You can make it even better by including your family members on the same. This is especially true for the children in the household. By involving them in such a process you can help them become responsible citizens from an earlier age.  

Reasons to opt for eco friendly Ganesha idols over POP

Now there are several reasons why you should go with an eco friendly Ganesha idol rather than one made from POP.

  • They do not pollute the water sources

This is the first reason why you should buy eco friendly Ganesha murti online. As has been said already, POP does not degrade easily. This can lead to some seriously bad consequences such as polluted water. 

Such materials also make the water a lot more acidic. This kills the natural life in that particular water body. It is common knowledge that life that survives in water is a critical part of our ecological system. They make sure that the water where they live is healthy and pure. They also keep away common pests such as mosquitoes. Along with this, studies have also found that people who use such polluted water suffer from various health problems such as infections, ailments of skin, eyes, and blood, and lung diseases.  

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  • The metal content in the water has a bad impact on the quality of foods

POP has chemicals such as magnesium, phosphorus, gypsum, and sulfur. The dyes that are used to decorate these idols contain the likes of the following:

  1. Mercury
  2. Lead
  3. Cadmium  
  4. Carbon
  5. Arsenic       

These idols are usually immersed in water bodies that are used by the common public such as seas, lakes, and ponds, to name a few. The aforementioned harmful elements such as chemicals and metals tend to contaminate such water bodies because of the high amount in which they are present in the idols. They kill the plants and fishes that live in the water. This leads to the phenomenon known in science as a dead water body. This means that the water body in question becomes unfit for the growth of any living organism. 

When you consume the fish that have been poisoned by such metals it could lead to you suffering from heavy metal poisoning as well. If you ingest such heavy metals, they can wreak havoc with important systems of your body such as nervous, digestive, and circulatory systems. So, as you can see for yourself, this is one reason why you should buy eco friendly Ganesh murti online.  

  • The glitter and dyes of the POP idols are harmful to you too

If you needed another reason to buy eco friendly Ganesha idols online this is one for sure. This is a highly important reason in this particular context as well. The dyes are positively harmful to your family members including you. Glitter is also used on these idols and they may rub off on your clothes and hands. If you somehow inhale the glitter it could damage your lungs, lead to allergies in some cases, and lead to a burning sensation. 

On the contrary, you do not have any such issue with an eco friendly Ganesha idol. So, you can see how benefited you would be when you buy eco friendly Ganesh idols online.

You can always buy eco friendly Ganesha online. However, if you want you can make such idols at home as well. You may need some help and direction, to begin with. However, you can be sure that the process to create one can be a lot of fun as well. This entire activity would be a great way to help your family members come together and bond. It would also provide them a fantastic opportunity to show how creative they are. 

There are so many options that you have when it comes to the materials that you can use for such purposes. The most prominent names in this regard are Paper Mache, Atta, clay, and turmeric as well! 

  • They are great for the fishes

As has been said already, after the Ganesha idols made from POP are immersed after the festivities get over the poisonous materials tend to pollute the water. They kill the fishes in those water bodies as well. However, these days a lot of people are making these idols with vegetables like ingredients that can be consumed by the fishes. So, when you buy eco friendly Ganesha online it is a noble way in which you can make sure that the water body is clean even after you have immersed the idol in the same.  

  • They coexist with nature

A lot of companies that make these eco friendly Ganesha idols use ingredients such as natural clay. They paint them with the likes of turmeric, Multani mitti, and geroo. You can easily immerse such an idol in a bucket in your house when it is time for visarjan and use it to water the plants in your home. At times, natural ingredients such as cloth and shoal pith are also used to make these idols. In many cases, such products are made by specially able people. So, when you buy such idols you are helping them earn some extra money.

  • They can dissolve in the soil 

In some cases, these idols are made by using plant seeds as well. If you have such an idol you can place it in a pot, which has soil in it, after the puja gets over. You would see that when you water the same the idol would start to dissolve, and the seeds would soon take root in the soil.   

  • They can be used as food as well

These days, chocolate is also used to make these eco friendly Ganesha idols. They do not have any preservatives and the colors used to decorate them are edible as well. The main aim behind making such idols is to make sure that they can be distributed as food among underprivileged children. You can also immerse these idols in milk and distribute it as chocolate milk among such children.  

  • They purify the water

Normally potable water is purified by using alum. Alum removes all the pollutants from such water. These days, alum is also used in the eco friendly idols to make sure that the water bodies where they are immersed can be cleaned properly. 

  • They help poor people earn money

These days, many NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are making idols from materials such as sand and cow dung as a way to help poor professionals such as herdsmen earn some money. It is expected that programs such as these would help conserve Indian cows and would also save the old cows. Such initiatives can help with no milking as well. The main benefit of using idols that are made from cow dung is that they help purify the surrounding environment as well. 

They can also settle down heavy metals such as mercury and lead. These idols can be anywhere between 3 feet and 3 inches. However, they dissolve in just 15 minutes. It has been proven scientifically that they can purify water.  


It must be said that in recent times the state of Maharashtra, which is where you have the biggest celebrations of the festival, and the conscious people over there have taken a lot of steps to make sure that eco friendly Ganesha idols are the order of the day. This includes steps such are placing a ban on POP idols and reducing the cost of the clay idols. 

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They have also tried to spread awareness using different media regarding the issue and organized various workshops and campaigns to the end. The main issue with the Ganesha idols made from POP is that they take years to get degenerated. All this is strange when you consider the fact that the deity himself was born from the sweat of his mother – Goddess Parvati – and mud. He is essentially born from soil and is supposed to go back there as well. Now, as humans would have it, he has become, in a way, responsible for such uncontrolled and humongous pollution. 

The concept of immersion of the idol following the puja is supposed to be environment friendly. It is supposed to depict moksha. It is supposed to show how everything eventually becomes one with nature. Therefore, you are supposed to use clay idols as per tradition to worship Lord Ganesha. These idols are supposed to be worshipped and then immersed in water. However, much like every other phenomenon in the world, commercialization has affected this festival as well. Clay idols have now been replaced with POP idols that contain chemical and synthetic paints. We all know how bad they can be.    

They do not dissolve easily in water and they also cut off the oxygen supply in the water body where they have been immersed. This leads to the death of the marine life in that water body such as the plants and the fishes.

Choose Wisely! Save Environment by Opting for Eco Friendly Ganesha Idols this Ganesh Chaturthi.

You can buy eco friendly Ganesh Murti Online from EcoGanesha and help mother nature by celebrating eco friendly festivals.

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